Latest NFL Trade Rumors: Potential Moves Before the Upcoming Draft

March 17, 2023

The NFL offseason is always a time for trade rumors, and this year is no exception. With the 2023 NFL Draft rapidly approaching, teams are looking to make moves to position themselves for success. Here are some of the latest NFL trade rumors to keep an eye on:

One potential trade involves the Denver Broncos and the Green Bay Packers. The Broncos are reportedly interested in acquiring Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers, who has expressed his desire to leave Green Bay. The Packers may be willing to part ways with Rodgers in exchange for multiple high draft picks.

Another potential trade involves the New England Patriots and the Miami Dolphins. The Patriots are reportedly interested in trading up in the draft to select a quarterback, while the Dolphins are looking to acquire more draft capital. The two teams could potentially swap draft picks to facilitate the deal.

Meanwhile, the Seattle Seahawks are rumored to be shopping wide receiver DK Metcalf. While Metcalf is one of the best young receivers in the league, the Seahawks may be looking to free up cap space and acquire more draft picks.

These are just a few of the many NFL trade rumors circulating around the league. As the draft approaches, expect to hear more rumors and potential moves from teams looking to improve their rosters for the upcoming season.

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